Airberlin will no longer fly as part of Oneworld, the airline alliance, as of Oct. 27, 2017. The withdrawal of Airberlin, which has declared bankruptcy, means a dozen destinations leaving the alliance’s global network. However, Oneworld will maintain a strong presence in Airberlin’s Germany and Austria home markets. Ten other member airlines serve a total of 13 destinations across the two countries, linking them with the alliance’s global network. A number of Oneworld member airlines are making a tier-status matching offer to members of Airberlin’s Topbonus frequent flyer program, enabling them to maintain their Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby status when flying with any Oneworld member. Airberlin’s affiliate, Niki, which joined Oneworld alongside Airberlin in March 2012, will stop flying as part of Oneworld at the same time.