The latest report (for the week ending Aug. 15) from Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) showed slippage in air ticket sales through travel agencies compared with the previous week. Ticket sales were down 41.1% for the week compared with the same period in 2019; those sales were down just 34.7% compared with 2019 for the week ending Aug. 8. The total value of the tickets also slipped, down 56.4% for the week of Aug. 15 compared with a decrease of 51.3% for the week of Aug. 8. The news was similar for the number of corporate segment tickets sold, which decreased 62.4% the week of Aug. 15 vs. just 54.8% for the week of Aug. 8. News reports attributed the slippage to a reduction in demand due to the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus. Results are based on weekly sales data from 10,938 US retail and corporate travel agency locations, and online travel agencies. Results do not include sales of tickets purchased directly from airlines and are not net of refunds or exchanges. Ticket sales by US travel agencies hit their pandemic-era peak during the week ending July 11, when total transactions were off just 22.6% from 2019. Sales volume that week was off 39.8% from 2019.