Air ticket sales from travel agencies accredited by the Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) totaled $3.6 billion in January, a 187% increase from the same month in 2021. The total net sales amount marks a 17% month-over-month increase from December 2021, when sales equaled $3.1 billion. The report also shows that monthly international passenger trips increased 120% compared with January 2021. Month over month, January 2022 results showed: total passenger trips increased 25%.; US domestic trips were up 21% and International trips up 33%. Steve Solomon, vice president of global sales, marketing, operations and customer experience at ARC, said the report is ”encouraging” and that the company expects “a continued recovery as more governments drop mandates and travel restrictions due to the omicron variant receding as well as a bounce in corporate ticketing," The average US round-trip ticket price in January 2022 was $409, a 22% increase from $335 in January 2021. January 2022 EMD (electronic miscellaneous documents) sales increased 185% year over year to $7,187,871. EMD transactions increased 174% to 138,080 over the same period.