In February, the total consolidated value of tickets sold by US-based travel agencies fell $1 billion year- over-year to $7.2 billion, representing a 12.4% decrease, according to the Airlines Reporting Corp. The average US roundtrip ticket price was $488. The total number of passenger trips settled by ARC for its agency clients fell 3.9% to 24.9 million. US domestic trips rose 1.3 %. International trips, however, fell 12%, due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to ARC. The number of February passenger trips handled by agencies with at least 70% self-reported corporate and government business fell 1.4%. Despite the drop in overall ticket sales and passenger trips, electronic miscellaneous document sales, which cover ancillary services like seat upgrades, rose 24% to $7.9 million. EMD transaction volume rose by 38.6% over February 2019, totaling 136,000.