Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) recently announced that ARC-accredited travel agencies began the new year with a $228 million year-over-year increase in air ticket sales. The consolidated dollar value of tickets sold by agencies last month totaled $8.9 billion, a 2.6% increase when compared with January 2019. The total number of passenger trips settled by ARC for its agency customers increased 2.4% to 28,349,928 compared with 27,686,121 in January 2019. US domestic trips increased by 3.6% while international passenger trips were up 0.4%. The average US roundtrip ticket price last month was $478, a $2 increase over January 2019. Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) sales (ancillary sales such as preferred seating and baggage) in January rose 24% to $8.6 million year over year. EMD transaction volume also increased by 41.5% over 2019, totaling 148 million.