Air Company, a carbon technology company, gained commitments from JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic and Boom Supersonic, among others, to buy its Airmade Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The fuel is made from captured carbon dioxide. In a statement, Gregory Constantine, CEO of Air Company, said the company’s goal has always been to expand into industries where its technology will have the largest impact and the most carbon dioxide reduction. He said the aviation industry is a leading contributor to excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and these agreements aim to create “a direct pathway towards a seismic shift away from legacy fossil-fuel-based production in a cost-effective manner.” Sara Bogda, director of sustainability and environmental social governance, JetBlue, said that with creative thinking backed by science, Air Company’s work to leverage captured carbon, a resource distinct from other SAF feedstocks, “represents the kind of innovation that can expand SAF availability and grow the market necessary to reach our industry goals.”