Air Canada announced that due to its improved liquidity position and ongoing recovery from the pandemic, it is withdrawing from further financial support from the government of Canada. The support package, announced in April 2021, provided the carrier access to interest-bearing loans of $4.254 billion through several separate credit facilities. To date, Air Canada has accessed only the funds solely dedicated to refunding customers’ nonrefundable tickets, while the remaining funds, totaling $3.147 billion, have not been used. Michael Rousseau, CEO, said the carrier’s recovery from COVID-19 continues as the airline recalls employees, adds new routes and frequencies to its network and restores services. Last quarter, Air Canada completed a $5.62 billion financing. Rousseau said Air Canada is grateful for the government aid, as it served as “an extra level of insurance that enabled us to raise additional liquidity on our own to manage the pandemic and give us sufficient resources to effectively compete in the post-pandemic marketplace."