Air Canada announced  new daily flights between Halifax and Newark; and Vancouver and Houston. The year-round routes will start in December and, according to the announcement, conveniently link these major urban markets, as well as provide easy onward connections through Air Canada's and its partner United Airlines' global networks.  Mark Galardo, senior vice president, network planning and revenue management for Air Canada, said that with the new routes, the carrier is meeting demand in these important markets and building on its strengthened trans-border partnership with United Airlines “to solidify its leadership in the Canada-US market." These routes, he said, will give customers in Atlantic and western Canada more convenient options for flying to the US. They will reinforce the already strong links between Atlantic Canada and New York, said Galardo, while for customers in western Canada they will provide more options for reaching destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean through United Airlines' Houston hub. They will also facilitate, he said, many new one-stop connections from the US onto Air Canada's extensive domestic and global network.

Image: Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock