Air Canada has partnered with Cue Health to provide passengers in the US with access to Cue’s molecular test, which, according to a statement, “is the most accurate COVID-19 self-test on the market” and delivers PCR-quality molecular results to users’ smartphones in 20 minutes, with 97.8% accuracy, as determined by an independent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic. Cue’s test can detect both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, and can also detect the Omicron variant.  Under this new partnership, Air Canada passengers in the US can now meet Canada’s specific travel and testing compliance needs by purchasing Cue’s test, which comes with access to a video-proctored session through Cue’s app, as well as Cue’s reusable and portable reader.

As a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT), Cue's molecular COVID-19 test meets Canada’s testing entry requirements, as Canada is one of the growing number of countries that accept molecular NAAT test results for entry. These travel entry requirements are more stringent than those countries that accept rapid antigen test results. Mark Nasr, senior vice president, products marketing & ecommerce for Air Canada, said the carrier is “excited to extend our industry-leading range of testing options that make traveling easier and more predictable.”

Images: Air Canada/Cue Health