Advito, the travel consultancy division of BCD Travel, has launched Sustainable Collaboration. Through this set of sustainability-focused services, Advito and parent company BCD Travel work with clients to reduce travel demand and mitigate the environmental impact of business travel. Sustainable Collaboration helps corporations achieve the following: set up carbon-offset programs, reduce demand of lower-value travel, measure environmental impact, engage travelers to make more sustainable choices, factor sustainability considerations into supplier selection and meet company-wide sustainability development goals. In an analysis of trip-purpose data for more than 50 companies, Advito found that internal travel drives between 40% to 65% of travel spend. Building a framework to help travelers decide when to travel – or when not to – can reduce internal travel by up to 50%. Lesley O’Bryan, senior vice president at Advito, said the company has noticed a significant increase in demand for advice on supporting sustainability initiatives. “With a growing global focus on climate change and the establishment of a younger generation of business travelers,” she said, “this trend is here to stay.”