Yapta, a provider of airfare and hotel price tracking services, announced the full release of its automated hotel rebooking solution, bringing to market what the company calls the corporate travel industry’s “first truly touchless hotel rebooking technology committed to zero traveler impact.” The technology is capable of immediately rebooking “savings eligible” hotel reservations directly within the Sabre GDS, without the need for an agent to assist and without disrupting a traveler’s itinerary. The announcement said the technology provides savings opportunities converted at a significantly higher rate, resulting in greater savings levels and decreased travel agency costs. Valerie Layman, chief product and services officer, said that when travel managers are already seeing up to 4 percent savings on their hotel spend, “why wouldn’t they want automation?” And because Yapta ties automation to a company’s Best Match (comparable hotel), said Layman, “there is no downside for a travel manager.”