The U.S. Travel Association is working with the Biden administration on policies to safely bring back meetings and events, said Roger Dow, CEO of the association, in his annual State of the Travel Industry address. "When we discuss travel reopening,” said Dow, “we must also keep a keen eye on business travel and meetings and events, along with leisure travel.” He said that while platforms like Zoom have helped people stay in contact during the pandemic, “we need to look forward to a time when we can really safely do business in person again.” Dow said there is too much value in face-to-face meetings, business events and conventions, “and the powerful boost they give to local and regional economies that is simply too great to ignore." Dow also called for safely reopening international travel through testing and removal of international travel bans. He said U.S. Travel is in favor of testing passengers for international flights but not for domestic services. He also said quarantines are “disruptive” and that “layered” health and safety protocols are sufficient. Dow called for streamlining travel facilitation through the consolidation of TSA PreCheck and other security systems and the expansion of biometric exit systems at airports.

Photo Credit:PRA