The U.S. Travel Association has called on the Biden administration to revisit the reinstatement of country-specific entry bans in the near future. In a statement, Tori Emerson Barnes, executive vice president of public affairs and policy, said that Covid variants are of concern but closed borders have not prevented their presence in the US while vaccinations have proven “incredibly durable.” That is why, she said, America’s travel industry is a vocal proponent of everyone getting a vaccine. With a vaccine and testing requirement in place to enter the US, said Barnes, “we continue to believe that assessing an individual’s risk and health status is the best way to welcome qualified global travelers into the United States.” Meanwhile, the White House announced that the government would strengthen testing protocols for incoming international travelers, regardless of citizenship status, vaccination status and regardless of the country of origin. Starting "early next week," according to a statement, all international travelers will be required to present proof of a negative test taken within one day of travel. The current requirement designates a three-day testing window, which leaves a longer time-period for prospective travelers to contract the virus prior to travel but without developing symptoms. The Biden administration has also extended through March 18 the federal mask mandate for air, rail and public transportation.