The UK government has taken measures to insure that flights to the Continent will continue if the country leaves the European Union in a no-deal Brexit. The regulations laid out by the British government would be in effect for 12 months following a no-deal Brexit. The European Commission first put forward its proposal related to EU-UK air connectivity under a no-deal Brexit in December. The measure would allow UK airlines to continue flying without restriction from Great Britain to the EU for 12 months. However, it would not allow UK airlines to operate routes from one EU member state to another. The UK, however, said it would allow EU-owned airlines to fly intra-UK routes through Oct. 27, 2019. The International Air Transport Association has warned about the impacts a no-deal Brexit could have on air transportation. Under current agreements, airlines from all 28 members of the EU can fly freely in and out of the UK and within the EU's continental member states.