With the completion of Turkish Airlines’ move its new home base at Istanbul Airport, the airline has announced plans to open a total of five passenger lounges available for Business Class, Miles & Smiles Elite Plus & Elite, Star Alliance Gold and Corporate Club passengers. Currently three lounges are open – the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Miles & Smiles Lounge and Domestic Lounge. The Exclusive Lounge and Arrival Lounge are scheduled to open in summer 2019.

Both the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge and the Miles & Smiles Lounge are over 60,000 square feet each.  The Business Lounge seats 765 guests and features 13 private suites with showers, along with meeting rooms, a library and prayer room. The Miles & Smiles Lounge also has space for 765 guests, and offers 11 private suites with showers. This lounge also provides a console gaming experience, golf simulators and large children’s play area.

The Domestic Lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal so passengers can complete check-in procedures and transfer directly to the aircraft via buses. For more information visit turkishairlines.com