Troovo Technologies, an Australian startup, is showcasing its cloud-based robotics payments solution at this week’s Association of Corporate Travel Executives event in New York (April 29 – May 1.) The company says the tool can reduce the cost of B2B payment processing by up to 90 percent. While it works in any high-volume transaction industry, according to Troovo, it was initially developed for the corporate travel management sector in Australia. Kurt Knackstedt, Troovo’s CEO, said the company’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform provides the lowest possible transaction costs with scalable and consistent results. He said it permanently removes costs from travel operations, improves margins and frees up associates for value-adding work. A Troovo announcement said the company is on the verge of signing agreements with several major international travel agencies and payment providers seeking to leverage robotics to drive higher adoption of the latest B2B payment capabilities.