Tripbam, the hotel shopping, benchmarking and analytics provider, has released Hotel Intelligence 2.0., a tool that will allow travel managers to accurately grade in real time hotel, brand and chain performance regarding true discounts received and last room availability (LRA). Tripbam clients using Hotel Intelligence, said an announcement, will also be able to quantify the realized value of their managed hotel program, benchmark against companies of similar size, and compare chain, brand, and property discounts across all hotels. Steve Reynolds, CEO, said the update is significant not only for his team but for all current and prospective clients. He said the company has been working closely with many clients over the last six months to get their feedback and make this release possible. Among Hotel Intelligence 2.0’s enhancements are: measurement of preferred hotels across discount percent and rate compared to benchmark; sourcing and share shift estimates by city with customized settings to improve savings estimates; and benchmarking negotiated rates and discount levels to use in sourcing new hotels, brands and chains.