TripActions, the travel management platform, has introduced a Traveler Well-Being Dashboard, which provides data and insights into the well-being of business travelers on the road. Using the tool, managers can have visibility into:

  • Nights and weekend nights away
  • Flight duration
  • Red-eye bookings
  • Number of connections
  • Layover length
The data, according to the company, helps gauge the well-being of travelers and empowers managers to make critical decisions about policies, staffing and paid time off.

TripActions said its own booking data showed that the average customer booked 2.25 flights in the last three months (1.5 times more than over the same period in 2021), with 8% of all flights consisting of overnight travel. Additionally, with teams now distributed geographically, the average number of travelers booking flights per company per month has increased 17% for mid-market and 16% for enterprise companies as compared with pre-pandemic. The sprint to get back on the road and the shift to new hybrid work, according to the company, means there may be fewer hours in the office, but more time face-to-face with dispersed teams, customers and suppliers. And with more time spent on the road, employee well-being will be affected. Nina Herold, chief product operations officer, said that with hybrid work and distributed teams becoming the norm, having visibility into group and employee travel well-being has never been more important or more of a challenge. The dashboard, she said, empowers team managers or administrators “to monitor factors that affect employee health holistically and at a granular level — and then take action by enacting policy changes or offering some time off.”