Travelport, the travel technology company, has reached an agreement with Emirates that will allow Travelport-connected travel agencies to avoid the airline’s surcharge on bookings via Global Distribution Systems (GDS) that were introduced on July 1. In addition, the companies announced a new long-term agreement to enable the distribution of Emirates NDC content via Travelport’s next-generation platform, Travelport+, and an extension to its longstanding IT agreement. As part of the deal, Travelport-connected agencies will be able to gain simplified access to Emirates’ NDC content and services via Travelport Smartpoint and the company’s enhanced RESTful / JSON APIs once the agencies sign new NDC specific agreements with both companies. Travelport will also continue to provide Emirates with its pricing, shopping and ticket rebooking technology as part of the agreement, to support the airline in the delivery of advanced shopping and rebooking options within its own internal sales channels, including its NDC channel and  Adnan Kazim, chief commercial officer at Emirates, said that, supported by the recent launch of Travelport+, these new deals will further cement Emirates as “the airline of choice for travelers that want highly personalized offers and access to the world’s best destinations.” Emirates and Travelport, he said,  will continue to work jointly on future travel retail solutions “that will offer our travel community partners even better and more bespoke services.”