Traveler wellness and satisfaction are the third-highest priority among corporate travel managers after cost control and duty of care, according to a recent survey of 53 travel managers from around the world conducted by BCD Travel, the TMC. Of the respondents, 72 percent name talent attraction and talent retainment as the number one reason why traveler wellness is important. Nevertheless, traveler wellness is often neglected in travel policies. While 55 percent of the respondents indicate their companies have an employee wellness program in place, only 11 percent designed a wellness program for their travelers. The results of the survey point to a big gap between the wellness initiatives travel managers find important and those that are actually in place, especially when it comes to health and work-life balance. The survey found: 95 percent of respondents rate recommendations for restaurants with healthy menus important but only 14 percent of companies provide such referrals; 90 percent of respondents think psychological support for travelers is necessary, but only 14 percent have such support in place; and 90 percent of respondents believe time off after a trip is essential but only 17 percent recognize this in their travel policies.