Average compensation for US travel buyers remained stable between 2017 and 2018 at $108,000, according to the latest Compensation and Benefits survey from the Global Business Travel Association. The report reveals salaries, bonuses and benefits for US buyers and identifies disparities in compensation based on a variety of demographic traits like gender, education, region and position. In line with the past four years, over three-quarters (76 percent) of buyers are satisfied with their compensation levels. When it comes to gender differences, male buyers earn an average of 13 percent more than their female counterparts. The largest gap in compensation, however, can be attributed to position. Directors and executives earn an average of $174,000, which is 24 percent more than a manager’s average income. Not surprisingly, regional differences in income also exist. On average, buyers earn more in the Northeast ($119,000) than in the West/Pacific, South and Midwest. Educational attainment also plays a part. Buyers with a bachelor’s degree earn approximately $12,000 more, on average, than buyers with an associate’s degree.