A coalition of travel associations, including GBTA, has written a letter to the Senate leadership urging support for the TSA Modernization Act, which is designed to advance the deployment of new technologies at security checkpoints, mitigate risks to public areas at airports and reduce delays. The bill would also give the TSA additional tools to expand TSA PreCheck, the trusted traveler program. Speaking at a recent New Jersey-GBTA luncheon at the Saddle Brook Marriott, Andrew Meehan, GBTA government affairs liaison, said that in terms of long-term goals, bio-metric exit (using finger, face or iris identification) will reduce friction, enhance security, cut time in transit and achieve faster processing throughout – achievable only if TSA, airports and airlines can get on the same system. Meehan also told NJ-GBTA that the association is advocating for the 21st Century AIRR Act, which supports a new satellite system for air traffic control.