tClara, a provider of benchmarks for travel, will introduce Air Clarity, a corporate benchmarking tool incorporating ticketing data from Airlines Reporting Corporation.  The new tool will be unveiled at the ACTE conference in Dallas, April 18-19.

By leveraging the full scope of ARC’s airfare database to construct corporate benchmarks for every major ARC-based airline, Air Clarity measures the price gaps in each one of a client’s city pairs, giving buyers insight into how their prices compare overall to other corporate buyers in exactly those markets. With that information, buyers can compare price gap percentages with industry peers, regardless of where those peers travel.  

In addition Air Clarity reveals the underlying causes of price gaps, such as differences in ticket product features and the estimated impact of the client’s procurement efforts.

“Air Clarity benchmarks will be very different compared to those from a travel management company, for three big reasons,” said Scott Gillespie, CEO of tClara. “It leverages a huge data repository, uses better analytical methods, and provides much deeper insights.”