TAMS (Travel and Meeting Society), a network of business travel professionals, has launched an online, interactive evaluator targeting travel managers and travelers to provide guidance on whether to physically travel or videoconference virtually. To help users navigate changing policies during the pre-booking process, the free evaluator asks the user six questions:
  • Allowable: Does your government and/or corporation permit travel to this location?
  • Desirable: Is travel appealing for this purpose?
  • Advisable: Is the reason for travel justified?
  • Practical: Do time requirements make travel a good use of time?
  • Affordable: Is travel within budget and reason?
  • Sustainable: Is travel in alignment with your environmental agenda?
The evaluator uses branching logic to steer users to one of four suggested outcomes:
  • We suggest that you travel
  • We suggest that you videoconference
  • We suggest that you consider a videoconference over traveling
  • We suggest that you conduct more research before deciding
Peter Psaltakis, co-chair of TAMS Technology, said the organization is hopeful that the evaluator “simplifies and adds value to the pre-trip decision-making process.” And Dan Raine, CEO of Unlocked Data and lead architect on the project, said the evaluator “encourages a change in mindset, where there is a need to both encourage demand where there is a reluctance to travel, and choke down demand where travel isn’t the right option for that meeting.”