A new survey reports that 92 percent of US citizens do not know their air passenger rights; and globally air travelers are missing out on $6 billion a year in compensation resulting from disrupted flights resulting from delays, cancellations or denied boarding. The compensation is due them under European Union regulations and relates to flights where the airline is departing from or landing in the EU or is headquartered in the EU. The survey, from AirHelp, contends that airlines are not making passengers aware of their rights, as 75 percent of US air travelers feel uninformed by airlines. AirHelp, which aids travelers in gaining compensation from airlines, reveals that even though one in four US air passengers thought they were entitled to receive up to $700 in compensation, less than 25 percent of those who were on a disrupted flight filed a claim. The main reasons passengers did not file for compensation included: lack of awareness of rights, did not think they were eligible for compensation and did not know how to file a claim.