Serko Limited announced the release of its Zeno Expense tool in North America. The offering complements Zeno Travel and customers can adopt the two as a “next-generation expense management and travel booking solution.” According to the announcement, the effect of COVID-19 has presented new challenges for expense managers with a rapid shift to a remote workforce. In this new environment, standards for business expenses have become less clear cut.  In response, Zero Expense provides: real-time spend management, with users able to capture receipts and submit expenses as soon as they are incurred; elimination of end-of-month expense reports, without the need to save paper receipts; cost savings through automation; and automated insights providing proactive alerts for out-of-policy or duplicate expense claims. Darrin Grafton, CEO, said with the pandemic impacting business in many ways, “Serko has renewed our dedication to deliver a solution that makes it easier for all stakeholders – from expense filers to finance leaders.”