​SAP Concur, the  travel, expense and invoice management provider, is now making available connections to United Airlines’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) content for all its customers through SAP Concur’s Select Access feature. United’s NDC API’s will display the airline’s bundles of ancillary services, which customers can configure in Concur Travel, and are uniquely available through the NDC channel. United, according to SAP Concur, has been a North American pioneer in multi-channel distribution and was the first airline to connect to Concur TripLink. In the future, Concur Travel plans to obtain NDC content via the GDS’s when SAP Concur believes that a robust, scalable and commercially transparent solution is available. Charlie Sultan, senior vice president, global content, market and supplier strategy for SAP Concur, said in an article that customers interested in connecting to airlines directly through NDC should meet with their preferred airlines to understand the actual and immediate benefits of getting NDC content this year. Customers should also meet with their travel management company to discuss how the TMC can support their needs and what additional costs they may incur to support this new channel.