Sabre Corporation announced a partnership with Google to develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology platform.  The technology, known as Sabre Travel AI, is infused with Google’s AI technology and advanced machine-learning capabilities that, according to the announcement, will help customers deliver highly relevant and personalized content more quickly, deliver personalized content that better meets the demands of today’s traveler, and create expanded revenue and margin growth opportunities. Sabre Travel AI is being integrated into certain products in its existing portfolio, with plans to bring those to market in early 2021. Sundar Narasimhan, president of Sabre Labs, said, “Sabre Travel AI is a game changer.” He said the partnership is a significant step toward achieving the company’s 2025 vision of personalized retailing. Narasimhan said the new platform will combine Google Cloud’s infrastructure, AI and machine-learning capabilities with Sabre’s deep travel domain knowledge to create “not next-, but third-generation solutions that we believe are smarter, faster and more cost-effective — a first of its kind in travel.”