Sabre Corporation announced the expansion of SafePoint, a travel risk management product, to include global travel restriction tracking. While the solution is not limited to a singular event, according to the announcement, it provides information regarding the spread of COVID-19 and new variants as well as destination entry restrictions imposed by countries including masks, vaccinations, health documentation and quarantine requirements. SafePoint monitors world events in near real-time, 24/7. It utilizes hundreds of data sources for events and restrictions that may impact travel arrangements and/or traveler safety. According to the company, it helps Sabre’s travel agencies and corporate customers make more informed decisions and enhance the safety of their travelers by alerting them to restrictions that may have an impact on their itineraries. Travelers will then be able to use the information to take action at any stage of their trip. Saunvit Pandya, senior director of product management, said that as travel rebounds, Sabre believes a duty-of-care and crisis alerting solution is imperative to any travel business, especially in a world where travel advisories can change rapidly. SafePoint, he said, “is designed to keep travelers and corporate travel managers apprised of critical events in a fast-moving world.”