Sabre and Mindsay have formed a partnership to create a chatbot to automate and enhance customer service for travel brands. Mindsay calls itself “the leader in conversational AI for the travel industry.” The tool is targeted at airlines, online travel agencies and travel management companies. As the only conversational AI technology to integrate seamlessly with Sabre, according to an announcement, Mindsay's intelligent virtual agents are fully connected with Sabre's API’s (application programming interfaces), giving them the ability to automatically resolve a variety of requests, from simple FAQ’s to complex booking modifications. This integration, said the announcement, allows travel companies to automatically resolve up to 70% of customer requests, significantly reducing call and live chat volumes. With bots handling the majority of common customer requests, travel managers can focus on solving the most urgent and complex inquiries. Customer issues might include: modifying and canceling flights; qualifying refunds; providing flight status, check-in info and access to boarding passes; and answers to questions about baggage allowances, travel restrictions and more.