Routehappy by ATPCO, a flight shopping company, has updated its WiFi Amenities data to focus on consumer-friendly benefits. Routehappy has introduced four new categorizations for WiFi: e-mail & messaging, basic web browsing, fast web browsing, and Netflix streaming capable. With these new categorizations, passengers will know what to expect from their Internet connection on board, whether that means the ability to respond to work e-mails or relax and stream Netflix. The new WiFi data is live on multiple channels including Skyscanner, Sabre, Travix, and Upside. Routehappy’s WiFi data is based on underlying technology and previously was categorized for consumers as Basic, Better, and Best. Robert Albert, CEO, said that WiFi is one of the most popular amenities for flyers “so we’re doing everything we can to make rich content consumer-friendly and useful.” He said that includes collaborating with Netflix to enhance data “so passengers can select flights that will enable them to watch to their heart’s content.”