Reed & Mackay, a UK-based TMC, has acquired Frequent Flyer Travel Paris (FFTP), a French TMC. The purchase follows other global expansion moves by Reed & Mackay, including an investment in Moll Travel in Germany. Fred Stratford, CEO of Reed & Mackay, said the deal will bring additional benefits to clients, “creating strength in our European offering.”  According to an announcement, FFTP is one of the few TMCs in France to be accredited to AFAQ ISO 14001 standards, providing assurance of quality. The announcement also said that FFTP is the only TMC in France with an integrated geolocation service. FFTP also has an in-house, 24/7 emergency travel team and an events and group department capable of servicing full event management, according to Reed & Mackay. Reed & Mackay was founded in 1962 in London and was repositioned in 1988 as a corporate travel management specialist. Today, the company has a combination of wholly owned and partner offices worldwide.