The on-time arrival rate for domestic airlines was 73.8 percent in February, down from both the 78.4 percent rate in January 2019 and from 78.9 percent in February 2018. Hawaiian Airlines had the best record at 81.7 percent, followed by Delta Airlines Network (77.9 percent) and Spirit Airlines (77.7 percent).  Lowest rates were registered by Alaska Airlines Network (66.9 percent), JetBlue Airways (70 percent) and United Airlines Network (71.1 percent). Reporting carriers canceled 3.1 percent of scheduled domestic flights in February, the same as in January but higher than in February 2018. The best record for cancelled flights was Hawaiian (0.6 percent), followed by Frontier Airlines (1.2 percent) and Allegiant Airlines (1.3 percent). The highest rates were for Alaska (5.8 percent), Southwest Airlines (4.6 percent) and United (3.5 percent).