MicroStrategy Incorporated, a provider of enterprise software platforms, has announced that Omega World Travel is using MicroStrategy 10 to power the company's Omegalytics platform. Omegalytics is used both by Omega's internal analytics team as well as by its corporate customers to mine big data to create the most efficient travel programs.

Features include summary dashboards that break out air, rail, hotel, and car data to the traveler level; trend analysis by year, quarter, month, and week; traveler tracking; benchmarking against other companies using data provided by ARC; carbon footprint analysis; and predictive analytics to forecast "what if" scenarios and provide the opportunity to change purchasing behaviors or find savings.

"Every day, millions of people book flights, hotels, rental cars and more, which amounts to a massive amount of big data," said Nadim Hajje, vice president, information technology and data analytics at Omega World Travel. "Our corporate customers can see all of their big data in meaningful ways with MicroStrategy 10 that translates to bottom line savings."

Omega World Travel is developing a mobile-based app using MicroStrategy Mobile. This mobile solution will be designed to facilitate better sales, booking, and customer relationships for its travel agents