In a recent survey of travel agents whose focus is business travel, over one-third (36.6 percent) expect their bookings to increase year-over-year, while 40.2 percent say their corporate travel bookings will remain on par with 2015. The results are from Travel Leaders Group’s 2016 Business Travel Trends Survey of 423 travel agents throughout the US whose portfolio consists of 50 percent or more business travel clients.

While the result indicate strong overall growth within the business travel marketplace, the results reflect a somewhat less bullish outlook than the 2015 survey showed. Last year, nearly half (45.5 percent) of the travel agents surveyed said they expected an increase in bookings, while only about a third (34 percent) saw booking levels remain steady.

However the number of travel agents who predict a downturn in their corporate bookings for 2016 remains low at only 6.6 percent.