Marriott’s CFO said that the pandemic will not have as large an impact on corporate rate negotiations as might be expected. Leeny Oberg, speaking at the J.P. Morgan Gaming, Lodging, Restaurant & Leisure Management Access Forum 2020, said that unlike some of the classic economic recessions, “it's not like you can take price to necessarily drive additional demand and I think that part of the overall picture is that there isn't quite the same sort of pressure in that regard.” She added that there will be pockets where demand is so low that it's going to clearly result in a different special corporate rate next year, but in general “what you're seeing towards the upper end is that rates have held in relatively better than you might expect given the incredible drop in RevPAR.” Oberg added that in many respects, “you will see that the rate negotiations reflect steady as she goes, but also the reality that if a hotel has super low occupancy  the corporate customers are going to benefit from that.” She also said that she is surprised that a lot of the corporate managers she has spoken to “aren’t necessarily going for the jugular” in terms of rates. It seems to be “in a very genteel way,” she said, “and maybe part of it is there’s sort of a constraint on the budget; it’s more on the volume than on the price per night.”