Lyft Business is introducing a sustainability dashboard in the Lyft Business Portal. Users will find the C02 emissions their organization has generated using Lyft Business rideshare solutions, including:

• Total emissions (MTCO2e): View the total volume of carbon emissions emitted by the company across all rides in a given time frame.

• Emissions by Fuel Type: Track emissions from gas, hybrid or electric vehicles.

• Emissions by program: Filter by program to understand which rideshare programs have the highest emissions.

Organizations will also have the ability to export a CSV (comma separated values) file of their data in order to run their own analyses or reporting.

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Paul Augustine, director of sustainability, said the first step in helping business partners achieve their climate goals is arming them with data to see their carbon footprint on Lyft. The second, he said, is helping them reduce their emissions by transitioning to low-carbon forms of transportation. That’s why, said Augustine, the company has made a commitment to reach 100% electric vehicles by the end of 2030.