A large majority (79%) of members of the Global Business Travel Administration (GBTA) would be “very comfortable” or “comfortable” traveling for business after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, and almost half support mandatory testing prior to travel to ensure the safety of customers and clients when meeting face-to-face. The latest findings come from the 16th installment of the coronavirus poll conducted by GBTA since the onset of the pandemic. Among the other findings: more than half (55%) of buyer and procurement members feel their employees are “willing” or “very willing” to travel for business in the current environment, up from 49% in the January poll; almost half (49%) of members and stakeholder respondents feel it is “good policy” to mandate COVID-19 testing for employees before they can travel for work,  with European respondents more likely (58%) than North American respondents (44%) to see mandated testing as “good policy”; and a majority of members and stakeholders (58%) support airlines requiring that passengers provide proof of vaccination in order to fly(once vaccines become more readily available).