Kayak, the metasearch platform, has launched Kayak for Business. The free tool will function as a meta-engine, offering travelers options for flights and hotels, with car rentals to be added later. Companies can request to join a waitlist and Kayak will choose a limited number for pre-beta testing. The full beta launch will take place later this month. Corporate clients will be able to load their travel policies, and preferred approvals flow into the system so employees can search for options within the policy. Kayak says the system will appeal to small and mid-size businesses and startups. For now, there will not be support from human travel agents.

According to a post on its website, Kayak says that unlike other corporate travel solutions that will not bundle customer services for travelers, the company will add ways for travelers to opt-in for concierge-level or partner-specific customer service when they need it. It promises special corporate rates and “great deals” from over 2,000 suppliers. Kayak has been offering consumer travel metasearch solutions for 15 years.