Internova Travel Group, one of the world’s largest travel services companies, has entered into a partnership with Sustainable Travel International “to support travelers through their climate mitigation journey.” The arrangement will result in the offering of more sustainable solutions for employees, travel advisers and clients who are concerned about reducing and tracking their carbon footprint. During the pandemic, Internova, according to the announcement, recognized the exponential growth in demand for practical resources to support carbon offsetting goals. Sustainable Travel International, a global organization with over 15 years of experience developing successful carbon offset programs for the travel industry, will work with Internova to share expertise in sustainability education, carbon calculation and reporting. Clients will have access to target-setting consultation, tools and certified carbon offset options for “highly vetted” climate-protection projects. Gabe Rizzi, president of Internova Travel Group, said that a more sustainable future “will only become a reality if we all do our part.” Together, he said, the organizations will take the necessary steps to reduce travel emissions while helping advisers, as well as corporate and leisure clients, do the same. Equally, said Rizzi, clients need accountability for their own travel plans. Partnering with Sustainable Travel International, he said, “will allow us to equip our clients with information to make responsible travel choices.”