Leaders of 26 travel and aviation industry organizations signed a letter urging the administration  “to partner with us to develop … a risk-based, data-driven roadmap to rescind inbound international travel restrictions.” Roger Dow, CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, which was among the signatories, said that enough progress has been made on the health front that a rebound for domestic leisure travel looks possible this year, but, he said,  “that alone won’t get the job done.” A full travel recovery, he said, will depend on reopening international markets, “and we must also contend with the challenge of reviving business travel.” The letter emphasizes that controlling the pandemic must remain a top priority. It said a May timeline for an international reopening plan, to be followed by actual travel in the summer is supported by President Biden’s priority to make every American eligible for a vaccination by May 1. The letter stated that the signers do not support removal or easing of core public health protections, such as the universal mask mandate, inbound international testing requirement, physical distancing or other measures that have made travel safer and reduced transmission of the virus. However, according to the letter, “the data and science demonstrate that the right public health measures are now in place to effectively mitigate risk and allow for the safe removal of entry restrictions.” The letter points to favorable trends in infections, hospitalizations and vaccinations as indicating the proper moment to set a goals timeline for reopening.