India has ended testing and quarantine requirements for international visitors from 82 countries (including the US)  who are fully vaccinated. It has also done away with its classification of “at risk” countries.  As of today (Feb. 14), those travelers will be able to fill in a pre-travel declaration form and “self-monitor” for the first 14 days of their trip, replacing the previous requirement to take a PCR test before travel and quarantine for a week. The country also removed the requirement for a test on Day 8 after arrival. The changes to travel rules were confirmed in a bulletin from India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Unvaccinated travelers must still take a pre-travel PCR test but no longer have to quarantine; they, too, can “self-monitor” for two weeks. The country had initially reopened to international tourists on Nov. 15, with extensive testing and quarantine rules in place, but introduced the “ta risk” list to cope with the spread of Omicron.