Willie Walsh, director general of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said that airlines are carrying just 20% of 2019 levels on international flights, adding, “That’s not a recovery, it’s a continuing crisis caused by government action.“ Walsh was commenting on IATA’s June traffic report, which showed a very slight improvement in both international and domestic air travel markets. Demand, according to the report, remains significantly below pre-COVID-19 levels owing to international travel restrictions. North American carriers’ June demand fell 69.6% compared with the 2019 period, improving from the 74.2% decline in May versus two years ago. Capacity sank 57.3% compared with 2019, and load factor dipped 25.3 percentage points to 62.6%. US domestic traffic improved from a 25.4% decline in May versus the same month in 2019, to a 14.9% decline in June. With each passing day, said Walsh, “the hope of seeing a significant revival in international traffic during the Northern Hemisphere summer grows fainter.” He said many governments are not following the data or the science to restore the basic freedom of movement. “A risk-managed reconnecting of the world is what we need,” said Walsh. He said vaccinated travelers should have their freedom of movement returned, and an efficient testing regime could sufficiently manage risks for those unable to be vaccinated.