HRS, a travel industry technology platform, has launched Crew & Passengers Solution, a tool that provides airlines, rail carriers and travelers with assistance when disruptions are caused by weather and other travel-affecting issues. The product, according to an announcement, offers: a mobile-first solution with personalized, prearranged travel packages during moments of disruption; an accessible, intuitive interface on mobile devices; supplier-designated virtual payment for lodging options and transfers, taking the burden off passengers while ensuring fast, secure financial data for hotels; instant reimbursement and compensation for items like meals and services; and peace of mind, with a new sense of “being taken care of” by the airline or rail provider. By reducing multiple touch points to one, said the announcement, both suppliers and travelers have a single point of information, driving confidence while placing legacy operational challenges in the past. Both parties, said the announcement, gain from consistent service delivery and financial handling, while suppliers can access globally aligned data that unlocks vital business intelligence. Tobias Ragge, CEO, said that In a world of hyper competition, as airlines and rail carriers compete to gain market share after the pandemic, “the most customer-friendly suppliers have the best odds of succeeding.“ It’s no longer feasible or financially responsible, he said, for airlines and rail carriers to employ disjointed elements and archaic, paper-based processes. This is why, said Ragge, “we built this fully-automated, self-service solution, putting the traveler at the center with the timely information they need to make decisions precisely at the moment when things break down.” HRS’ new line of business was founded out of its existing crew product and complemented through an investment into Stranded Flight Solutions (SFS), a Netherlands-based technology company operating in the airline disruptions arena.