Hip Mobility, a technology company offering commuter shuttle solutions for businesses, has merged with SummitQwest Ground Inc., a corporate mobility software solution, forming HQ. The new company will provide mobility solutions to the world’s biggest companies, including  banks, insurance companies, law firms, and advertising and marketing organizations. HQ’s network covers ride providers in hundreds of cities worldwide, reaching one million in ride volume by next year. The merger, said an announcement, leverages both SummitQwest’s corporate mobility solution and Hip’s corporate shuttle solutions, transforming the way enterprises and their employees travel. According to the announcement, companies “are subject to archaic reservation systems, billing and payment processes while incurring unnecessary and often incorrect charges.”  HQ, it said, drives innovation in corporate travel, automating the entire mobility process from booking to payment, allowing companies to fully and easily outsource their mobility needs, from individual rides like business trips and commuting to shared transportation, like campus shuttles, and meetings and events. Amiad Solomon, CEO of Hip, who will serve as CEO of the merged companies, said the deal “pushes the boundaries of seamless corporate travel one step further.” Jeff LaFave, CEO of SummitQwest, who will continue to run the SummitQwest business line as managing director of HQ, said the merger is “a perfect match that accelerates our market leading embedded corporate transportation offering.”