Groupize, the event technology company, has launched Groupize 3.0, which includes new features that enable users to plan meetings of all sizes and complexity. Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, CEO, said Groupize 1.0 was for small meetings, Groupize 2.0 was for simple meetings, and Groupize 3.0 is for “all tiers of meetings with a focus on simplicity, usability, and visibility.” Moving forward, he said, most organizations will not need to pay for two meeting tools to manage all their meeting spend. Groupize 3.0, according to an announcement, offers a guided user experience, powered by a robust policy engine, enabling management of both simple and complex meetings from one entry point. The new portal is accessible by Single Sign-On (SSO) for organizations to integrate their meeting portal to their intranet, travel portal, or SAP Concur Dashboard, resulting in a secure workflow designed for easy implementation and rapid adoption.  Groupize 3.0, according to the company, can be launched and integrated in 30 minutes without any coding required. Groupize 3.0 includes five core components: Groupize Visibility, Groupize Expense, Groupize Planning, Groupize Logistics, and Groupize Meetings Intelligence.