Grasp Technologies, a supplier of data management, consolidation, payment integration, and data visualization for the corporate travel industry, announced a new partnership with Traxo, which provides corporate travel data capture and pre-trip auditing. The partnership, according to an announcement, provides corporate travel managers worldwide with the ability to see the most complete data picture of their companies’ business travel, including all on- and off-platform bookings, within Grasp’s data and intelligence suite. Grasp serves more than 150,000 corporate travel departments in over 70 countries through its footprint. Dave Lukas, chief sales officer for Grasp Technologies, said the corporate travel industry “needs a truly complete, accurate and timely data solution for tracking and consolidating all aspects of a travel program – a true end-to-end platform that delivers actionable, real results.” He said the company has worked on the problem for over 20 years and has created the technology, data consolidation and data management processes to ensure the most accurate and timely data for its clients but the company was missing one piece – unmanaged booking data or travel “leakage.” Traxo, he said, “has solved that problem.”

Andres Fabris, CEO of Traxo, said that with his company’s ability to capture all travel bookings, regardless of whether they were booked directly with a travel supplier or within the company-mandated travel program, Grasp’s clients now can not only track their off-channel bookings, but can act on these bookings, pre-trip. This gives them the opportunity, he said, to ensure they’re receiving their corporate negotiated discounts; re-shop the flight, hotel, rental car or rail booking to obtain the best available prices; or provide coverage for duty-of-care purposes.