GlobalStar Travel Management has announced that Kuoni Business Travel Switzerland is its latest partner. With the addition, the GlobalStar network of travel management companies is extended into Switzerland and Liechtenstein. James Stevenson, CEO at GlobalStar, said that Kuoni is a perfect fit for GlobalStar’s network and its clients. It is a real endorsement of everything the network stands for, he said, that an increasing number of significant travel companies from around the world are joining the group. They are looking for the ways and means, said Stevenson, of gaining global reach and expertise – two of the core benefits of the GlobalStar network. Andreas Schneider, head of Business Travel Switzerland, said the company is strategically on course to ensure its successful future and to continue to grow after the crisis. Being a GlobalStar partner, he said, gives the company access to new partners and clients, products and services, new business opportunities, and learning and development. Within the network, he said, “we will be able to provide more for our existing clients and accelerate our strategic objectives. GlobalStar is the optimal partner for us.”