GBTA has endorsed the postponement of the 2020 Hotel RFP until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the travel industry. The decision, according to an announcement, comes after several weeks of discussions among GBTA’s US and European accommodations committees, top travel buyers, suppliers, and more than 50 hotel companies representing thousands of hotels worldwide. Along with the recommended RFP postponement, GBTA encourages hotels to roll all 2020 rates into 2021. Scott Solombrino, CEO, said the association does not usually get involved in the hotel RFP process but made an exception this year because of the pandemic.  He said the hope is that all parties can agree to roll rates for this year and negotiate new rates into 2021, “once we all have a better sense of the pandemic’s longer-term impact on the industry.” Aside from discussions with buyers and suppliers, said Solombrino, GBTA also relied on a poll showing that more than 90% of travel buyers favor a postponement of the RFP process because so many key individuals had been displaced by the pandemic.