The GBTA has called on Congress not to increase the passenger facility charge (PFC) collected by airports. The association pointed to a new economic briefing from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) that says a $4 per segment increase to the PFC would increase the cost of travel to, from and within the US by 1.9 percent for domestic travelers and 0.6 percent for international travelers. This could drive a decrease in travel, said IATA, of eight million domestic passengers and one million international travelers each year. Michael McCormick, GBTA’s COO, said the IATA study confirms that any PFC increase will have a negative economic impact. He noted: “This is especially true for the business traveler as the PFC is essentially a tax on the cost of doing business. Money spent on taxes and fees is money that is not spent supporting economic growth and job creation. Congress should reject any PFC increase.”